BB Guns, Dandelions, Overalls and Butterflies . . .

. . . These are a few of my favorite things.

Sorry.  That doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

Ahhh, a beautiful Texas Hill Country sunset straight from my backyard.

Things I never thought I’d be doing on a Friday night:

– Watching my 8-year-old son shooting paper plate targets with a BB gun.

Honestly, seeing my son intently aiming a rifle towards a target did bother me a bit.  It just seemed so primal.  But when he stopped to pick up and blow a dandelion on the way to checking the target for BB holes, the irony of it all just made me thankful for a life in balance, a life rich in experience and expression.

Lots of irony.  Like the fact that I feel sad sometimes thinking of all my sheltered country bumpkin kids are missing out on – T-ball, drama club, junior high at the public school, art museums, school busses, P.E.

But then I have a night like this, and I am caught up in all that they are not missing out on – like being best friends with their siblings because no one else is around to compete for the job, BB guns and dandelions, being necessary workers in a house that could not run without them (how’s that for self-esteem?), neighbors who consider them family, Hill Country sunsets, homemade swings made from rope and wooden crates, chickens,  giant egg-eating snakes, daily treks in the woods, grace at every meal, a loving ear to hear their ponderings about God and other things, butterflies and overalls, party dresses and flip-flops on any day of the week, home cooking every night, the knowledge that there’s no place their parents would rather be than right there with them.

I hope they wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.



2 thoughts on “BB Guns, Dandelions, Overalls and Butterflies . . .”

  1. What strikes me about their best friends being their siblings is the future “circle the wagons” that will take place when someone faces a challenge, when there’s joy to share or grief…the first to know about these things will be each other. I like that. Gives me a warm feeling.

    Trinity will be well armed when she enters the larger world. She’ll know who she is. I don’t see her doing foolish things in order to “fit in.” At the same time, because you encourage curiosity, she (and those that follow in later years) will explore new areas, hopefully with an open mind.

    1. Oh, I hope you’re right!!! I can think of nothing greater outside of them loving God for them to love each other and have each other’s backs for a lifetime. I think having Noah as a brother will necessitate that they rise to the occasion. (As long as they don’t kill each other in the meantime.) 🙂 Cuz there’s that too, as you know.


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