S is for Spoons

We moved on to the letter M this week, but I wanted to share with you another S activity from last week that Noah enjoyed.

Activity:  Spoon Letter Discrimination

Materials Needed: 

  1. Eight plastic spoons
  2. 2 plain mugs
  3. Permanent marker for spoons, dry erase marker for mugs


  1. Decide on two letters that you want your child to practice discriminating between.
  2. Mark four of the spoons with one of your chosen letters, and four with the other chosen letter.
  3. Mark the mugs using the dry erase pen so that one mug is marked with your first letter and one is marked with your second letter.  (Use dry erase so you can reuse the mugs with other letters.)


  1. Set your child in front of the mugs with the letters on the mug facing your child.
  2. Lay two spoons in front of your child and instruct them to put the spoons in the mug that have the matching letter.  Depending on the skill set your child has, here are some scripts you may find helpful:

– “Put a in a.”

– “You have an a on  your spoon, where is the other a?”

– “Put the a spoon in the a mug (cup)”

As this was a new activity for Noah, I found it very helpful to put him in my lap, say the script and then use hand-over-hand assistance for the first few spoons.  After two spoons, his confidence level was high and I was able to withdraw the assistance.

Giving our children whatever assistance is necessary to be succesful at a new task is essential in winning their cooperation and their enthusiasm.   And we all love an enthusiastic student!  🙂


2 thoughts on “S is for Spoons”

    1. I am trying so hard to think of a hundred different ways to practice certain skills. Noah does NOT like doing the same thing over and over again, but he does getting his hands on common (and not so common) things to use as manipulatives. And it takes him lots of repitition to acquire his skills, so I’m really benefitting from reading your blog and others. I so need all the ideas I can get!!!! I’m getting a ton of ideas from Pinterest. Have you tried it yet? I think I’ve seen some of your posts on there. Way to go!!!!


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