Itsy Bitsy Spider Sequencing Cards

Here are some larger sized PECs and a sequencing board to go along with the Itsy Bitsy Spider PEC board.  Just click on the thumbnail, and it will take you to a printable PDF file.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Sequencing Cards - PDF


1.  Print and laminate the printout.

2.  Cut out the picture cards.

3.  Cut out the number strip; do not cut the numbers separately from each other.

4.  Sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider with your little one, placing the picture cards on the appropriate number as you go.

A Step Up:

Using hand-over-hand assistance, help your child place the picture cards on the appropriate numbers as you progress through the song.

Once your child is familiar with the technique, begin gradually removing the hand-over-hand assistance and allow him to place the picture cards on the appropriate number as you progress through the song.


3 thoughts on “Itsy Bitsy Spider Sequencing Cards”

  1. You are so very clever and creative! Thank you so much! I will definitely be using this. I was wondering how exactly you go about making your PECS. I just attempted printing out on cardstock and laminating with clear contact paper, and then cutting apart with an exacto knife and putting velcro dots on the back. Clark has a tendency to rip them apart by peeling the edges apart. I don’t think the ones I made are long for the world. I usually have one of his therapists make them, and I’m sure she’s using “official tools” to do the job….and he wrecks those too. If they’re inaccessible that sort of defeats the purpose. Hmmmmm……?

    1. Aw, you’re welcome. I was thinking of your little guy when I made these. I highly recommend using laminating pouches. I buy them in boxes of 200 (I’m a hoarder) from Sams for $20. You can get a laminator at Walmart for $30 I think. I suggest getting one that has a release lever on it. Otherwise, the first time it jams, it’s a goner.

      If you don’t want to purchase a laminator just yet, you can iron the laminator pouches (after you put the printout in), and the plastic will seal.

      As for me, I put my printable in the laminating pouch, put it through the laminator, cut out each PEC and then stick a Velcro dot on the back. All of my PEC cards have the loop velcro, all my boards have the hook velcro. That way everything is interchangible.

      I need to do a post about orgainizing PECs, because you’re right, if they are inaccessible, that does defeat the purpose. I also know it is frustrating to have our little one distracted by trying to pull things apart when we’re trying to teach them something.


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