Turkey, Just Turkey

I was sitting on the floor with Noah this week working on a brand-spanking-new file folder game.  We were matching animal halves.  We get to the turkey, and Noah put the piece on the correct animal.

I said, “turkey.”

Noah said, “turkey.”


Yes, he said, “turkey.”  Have I EVER drilled “turkey” with him before?


Have I ever even purposefully modelled “turkey” for him?


Have I even taught him the sign language for “turkey”?


He’s barely verbal.  He has no business being able to say “turkey.”



3 thoughts on “Turkey, Just Turkey”

  1. That’s too funny! My son used to do that, too. He would mumble his way through several days, then say something totally, unusually random – as clear as a bell. It’s like the clouds part and a ray of sunshine pokes through 🙂

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