Just a Coincidence?


So, I’ve been working with Noah on patterning for a couple months now.  I pull out the little colored blocks, and I place them in patterns like red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue.

Noah is supposed to copy me.

Noah doesn’t copy me.

Noah puts his blocks blue, red, red, yellow, blue,  yellow or something like that.  Totally random.

So I’m thinking he’s just not ready for this skill.  We’ll just keep coming back to it, and someday he’ll catch on.

So, on Friday Noah was playing with his cars, all by himself at the table.  I was sitting across from him, working on something.  I looked up, and this is what I saw:

Happy tears.

Your turn:

What has your special one done lately that to anyone else might look random, but to you it’s something huge?


5 thoughts on “Just a Coincidence?”

  1. I’d start with the pattern with 2 color, items, or shapes. It’s the easiest for most kids to learn. Try it with lots of different materials so he knows that patterns are the same, but can be different.

    1. Good idea. I don’t know why I had it stuck in my head we needed to do three colors to start with. I’ll try two colors this week and see if he gets it.

      Thanks for stopping by!!!!


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