Update on Andres – Good News

We took Andres to the ophthalmologist yesterday and received some very encouraging news.  The blurring of his optic disc margins are an isolated finding, they are just shaped a little differently than normal, but it looks to be congenital and harmless.  The concern was that it could be an indication of intracranial pressure, but the ophthalmologist did not see the other signs that would be present if there was an increased pressure.

He did confirm that Andres is a little bit colorblind, but he told us that since my father is a little colorblind, it is almost certain that this is congenital as well and not a symptom of the Chiari.

As for the 5-day headache a couple weeks ago, Trinity came down with something very similar where her glands were affected, so it makes sense that that is what Andres had and the pain in the back of his head and neck was associated to swollen glands.

So it’s all good news, and at least for now it seems the Chiari is not causing Andres any issues.  It is likely that the headaches are migraine in nature, which is not so good, but at least it’s not anything that looks like brain surgery.

Incidentally, I must say the pediatric ophthalmologist (Dr. O.B. Jackson, Austin, Texas) was one of the kindest and most attentive doctors I’ve met.  He gave Andres a VERY thorough exam and was not the least bit hurried with us.  He listened to my questions and concerns and addressed them head on, which I have found to be rare.  His assistant was wonderful as well.  Although there were other people in the waiting room (which I consider to be a good thing – it means he has a following), there was a minimal wait.   I highly recommend him to anyone in the area, and he also has a clinic in San Angelo and Odessa http://pedieyedoc.com/index.html.


2 thoughts on “Update on Andres – Good News”

  1. Wonderful news! Praise the LORD. I’m so happy with you that the doctor and assistant were so caring and took their time for the exam and to answer your questions.

    Great news! Thanks for the update on Andres.


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