Free Easy Easter Dot-to-Dots

Here are some Easter printables from

Dot-to-dots are a great way to add a little incentive to counting.  Kids love seeing how they made their own picture by connecting the dots, and it’s a great way to throw in a little vocabulary too.  For example:

“Oh, what did you make?  You made an EGG.”

“I see OVALS, can you find an oval?”

“I see CIRCLES, can you find a circle?”

“HOW MANY circles?”

“What are these?  FLOWERS.” 

“Let’s count the flowers.”

“Put your finger at the TOP of the egg.”

“Put your finger at the BOTTOM of the egg.”

You get the idea.

Noah is often resistent when it’s time to do school, so when I find an activity he likes, I try to maximize the learning experience.  If your child is not ready to do dot-to-dots on his own (like Noah), put him in your lap and use hand-over-hand to help your child, making sure to count as you go from number to number.  He’ll get the hang of it, and in the meantime, he is using kinesthetic, auditory and visual learning channels to learn his numbers. 



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