Songs in Pictures – Free Itsy Bitsy Spider PECs

The Itsy Bitsy Spider is a song that I’ve been trying to get Noah interested in for years.  Finally, he’s interested, but I can’t always get him to do the gestures, so I thought I’d introduce a PEC board for it.  It went over well today with occasional hand-over-hand assistance.

(Added on 3-30-2012)  Just realized I didn’t mention that if you click on this board, it will take you to the printable PDF.  I also have posted a set of itsy-bitsy-spider-sequencing-cards.


4 thoughts on “Songs in Pictures – Free Itsy Bitsy Spider PECs”

    1. I just went back and edited the post to let you know you can print out a full-size version of this just by clicking on the board. The PECs are about 1-1/2 inches on this board. Does that size work for your son, or do you need something bigger? I can adjust this easily. To use this board I started off by just singing this song and pointing to the PECS as we got to them in the song. The next time I put Noah in my lap and did hand-over-hand with him as we sang the song, pointing to the PECs. Now he points on his own, but it’s best if I still hold him in my lap, because he sometimes gets ahead of himself. I’m going to do a little more with this song, probably a sequencing activity with just a few PECs, so stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by.


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