Free Easter Egg Hunt for Kids with Special Needs this Saturday – Austin Area

For the past few years, we have attended the Franklin Family Ranch Easter Egg Hunt out near us off 290 between Dripping Springs and Henly.  This wonderful family shares what the Lord has given them with the community every year by opening up this event to the public at no cost.  The best thing about it is they block off one of the fields specifically for people with special needs.  Usually Noah is one of about four or five kids on that field, and there are hundreds of eggs.  So if you’re in the area, whether you have kids with special needs or not, come out and join the fun.  There are several age-segregated fields for egg hunts, plus there is face-painting, a rock wall, bouncy house, obstacle course, free food, music and some really wonderful people.  If you do come, if you spot us, won’t you please say hello?  I’ll be the mommy with six wacky wonders, including one fantastic little boy with Down syndrome.  (Trinity will be there but she’ll be volunteering.)

For directions and details –

And, Happy Easter everybody!!!


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