It’s Okay, He’s Got Down Syndrome

I’m one of those people who will just about tackle you if I see you out in public and you have someone with Down syndrome with you.  I’ll introduce myself and enthusiastically tell you about my son with “designer jeans.”  I figure we’re members of the happiest club in America, so we might as well get to know each other.

Well, last year I met a very gracious member of our club, along with her 20-something year-old son, Will, who has Down syndrome.  Barbara arranged for me to have dinner with them and their friend, Cindy, and Cindy’s son, Matt who was 29 at the time and who also has Down syndrome.  Dinner was amazing, (the food was okay, but the company was AMAZING).  I so enjoyed watching and talking to Matt and Will.  They have had a close friendship since they were wee little boys.  They were intelligent and funny and just plain delightful.  It was obvious they shared a very precious friendship, as did their mothers.  I felt so privileged to be included in the gathering.

After we finished our meal, after hugs all around, the moms headed to the front of the restaurant.  Matt and Noah trailed a ways behind us, so it gave Cindy and me a chance to visit.  We were talking about how beautiful it was to see the way Matt, Will and Noah were together, and she wondered aloud if Matt even realized Noah had Down syndrome or if he just assumed he was a typical little boy, just like any other.

Apparently Noah wasn’t through giving hugs, because he stopped at a table along the way to hand out more free hugs to the complete strangers sitting there.  Then we saw Matt lean over to tell them something.

Trinity was right behind Noah and Matt, so when we all met up at the front of the restaurant, we asked her what that was all about.

She said Matt was just filling them in by telling them, “It’s okay, he’s got Down syndrome.”

So much for Matt not realizing Noah had Down syndrome.

There’s not many things that make me giggle out loud.  I am way too angry and way too stressed most of the time to find the humor in things.  But every time I think of that night, I giggle.

Thanks, Barbara, and Cindy, and Will and Matt.  You light up my life.


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