Chalk + Salt = Fun, Fun, Fun

It’s rare for me to come across a child’s arts and crafts activity I’ve never seen before, but I came across this idea the other day and it ROCKS!!!!

Salt, rock, rock salt, get it?

Oh, never mind.

Project:  Colored sand


  1. Table salt
  2. Chalk (preferrably sidewalk chalk)
  3. Ziplock bags


  1. Place one stick of chalk in a Ziplock bag along with desired amount of salt to be colored.
  2. Place bag on a flat surface and roll the chalk over the salt, pressing the salt between the chalk and the bag.  Rolling the bag with the chalk in it between your palms also works.  Continue until the salt is colored to the desired intensity.
  3. Repeat process with desired colors.

Feel free to go crazy with this – place a stick of blue chalk and a stick of yellow chalk to make green salt.  Sidewalk chalk is softer than chalkboard chalk, so it takes less effort to use in this activity.

You can use this colored salt in any activity in which you would usually use cornmeal or colored sand.  Some suggestions:

  1. Fill an empty baby jar with layers of different colored salt to make a paperweight.
  2. Make flashcards by outlining each letter or number in glue, then sprinkle the colored sand on top of the wet glue, allow to dry, and shake off the extra.
  3. Take simple shape stickers and glue them right-side down onto paper or cardstock.  Peel off backing from one sticker, sprinkle the salt over the sticky area, shake off extra, and repeat with other stickers.

I put the salt into a squeeze bottle, and it seemed to come out at just the right speed for Noah to control the flow by squeezing gently.   Just put one color in the bottle at a time for the best results.


2 thoughts on “Chalk + Salt = Fun, Fun, Fun”

  1. Hmm…wonder where you got your love of color from (your grandfather, of course). My dad used to come home with “Printers Ink” magazine from work. Many pages were solid color, some metallic…all gorgeous. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those magazines. He loved to mix paint to just the right color, something he was involved in in the lab at work where he was a technician. Sigh…such fond memories.

    1. That’s funny you say that about him mixing the paint. I was having a good time mixing the salt colors by adding chalk pieces one at a time and blending.

      I love hearing about my family!!! It is a blessing to be part of something so good.


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