Straws, Strings and Scissors – Snip, Snip Snip

Today I pulled out our colored straws, scissors, and a black shoelace which we affectionately called string to stay in keeping with our S theme this week.

Noah has not had any measurable success with scissors, so I was surprised he cut these straws so easily.  I think it really helped that he could hold the straw in one hand and cut with the other.   When he started to tire, I held the straw for him and he did the cutting.  The thin plastic of the straws makes it ideal for our purposes.

After the straws were cut, Noah started stringing the pieces.  I had him follow a blue-yellow-blue pattern to practice patterning skills.  He had trouble getting the string all the way through the pieces, so I cut them down even smaller, and then he stringed them easily.I got a great shot of him looking right at the camera and smiling, but I find him to be so captivating when I catch him on film unaware that I’m watching.  What do you think?


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