Alphabet Soup in the Bathtub

No, I’m not THAT cool of a mom.  No Campbell’s Soup going on in my bathroom!  But how about the next best thing?

You know those buckets of foam letters you can get at Wal-Mart or the craft stores for $4 or $5?  Foam floats!  And do you know what else foam does?

Uh huh.  It sticks!!!!  Just like those bathtub letters you can buy at Target or Walmart for $5-$10.00 for 26 letters.  You can get hundreds of these for $5.

Oh, and don’t hold my bathtub against me.  If you had the Texas Hill Country view I have, you wouldn’t mind paint peeling in the bathtub.  Well, maybe a little.


2 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup in the Bathtub”

  1. Yup! Remember having Alphabet-Bathtub-Soup at our home, too 😉 Fun!

    Can learning get any easier?

    Keep them posts coming. I love them! Thanks for sharing.


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