A Little Word Play and a Lot of Giggles

In my unbiased opinion, Noah is pretty brilliant.

But I have to tell you, lately he’s been even more brilliant than usual.  He’s starting to play with language.  That’s a big deal.  It means he is understanding enough to know when a word doesn’t really belong.

For instance, tonight we were at the track.  I pointed out the moon and the stars.  He didn’t want to sign moon and stars.  He wanted to sign helicopter.  So here I am signing moon and stars, and Noah is signing helicopter.  Why helicopter?  Because we look up in the sky to see a helicopter, just like we look up into the sky to see the moon and stars.  So how do I know he was playing with words and not just confused.  Because he was laughing, absolutely cracking himself up.

He gets that from me.


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