Hunting for Plastic Eggs on the Light Box

I’ve been seeing a lot lately in the way of activities based around those oh-so-groovy light boxes.  I decided to give it a try and came up with my own low-budget version of a light box.  Then came the hard part, what in the world to do with it.  With plastic Easter eggs everywhere I look, there was only one answer for this day.

Noah just did color matching today on the light box.  We opened up the eggs and separated the top from the bottom and spread them out on the box.  I love the way these eggs are made, because it gave us a great opportunity to review big and little.  For each egg Noah needed a big half and a little half, and of course we reviewed our colors.  He couldn’t wait to get her hands on this, neither could Bella or Andres.  This was a great fine motor exercise as well with all the opening, closing and snapping.

I’m not quite sure why kids love these light boxes so much, but I think I’ll go with it.  Noah didn’t so much as peep a protest during this activity.  Whatever works, right?

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