Masking Tape – Not Such a Good Idea After All

Okay, folks.  Maybe the masking tape letters wasn’t such a good idea after all.  I tried to pull up the tape from my floor yesterday morning, and it was bent on staying behind.   After some scrubbing, it is up; but I’m switching to painters tape, which has a 14-day window to get it off before there’s a problem with the adhesive.  (Painters tape is that blue masking tape that painters use to keep the paint off of baseboards, etc.)  Noah loves blue, so I don’t think he’ll have any trouble making the switch.



4 thoughts on “Masking Tape – Not Such a Good Idea After All”

  1. Have you tried the green Frog Tape? I use that for painting, and it comes up nicely without adhering to the surface. Have never left it on for 14 days, of course – but my husband did use it to hold up the driver’s side window in our car for several weeks until we could get it fixed (yeah, I drove around looking pretty silly for awhile…but hey, at least it wasn’t duct tape!). It worked great and came off okay. Anyway, just a suggestion! Good luck!

  2. Live and learn! We did a ‘jumping ladder’ on our floor that we used to get the boys to jump with two feet. We did painter’s tape and kept it on for seriously about a year. Some parts were hard to come off but one scrubbing and it was gone. Good luck and thanks for the heads up! Knowing me, I would’ve run out of painter’s tape and just grabbed masking tape for our next project

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