A Week of a’s – Friday

Whew.  We did it!  We made it through a whole week of different alphabet activities every day.

Today I introduced Noah to  Fishing for Letters and Play-Dough stamping.

For the stamping, I got out my alphabet stamps purchased at Wal-Mart for about $5 and a can of Play-dough.  We talked about the stamp and the letter “a” and then Noah started stamping away.  The texture of Play-dough is great for sensory play, and we also hit on fine motor, literacy skills, and practicing making the short “a” sound.

(By the way, why is it that no matter what colors you start with, Play-Dough always winds up morphing into that same pinkish gray color?  It’s the same every time!)


4 thoughts on “A Week of a’s – Friday”

  1. Wish we could live around the corner… So much fun going on at your home! Brings back memories of being around children. Loved it. Miss those times quite a bit…

    Thanks for sharing these posts.


    1. Oh, I so agree. Other than my children and my husband, I live a pretty solitary existence. It is difficult fellowshipping when our conversations have to be squeezed in between diapers needing to be changed and children needing correcting, attention or “herding.” The internet is so “convenient,” because it sits and waits for me in the midst of all my interruptions. Blessed interruptions for sure, though.

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