A Week of “a”s – Wednesday

How to Find the (a’s)

Our “a” work today brings us to Find the a’s, a simple activity of finding the a’s on the page and marking them with a bingo dauber.  Circling the a’s or stamping them works too.  I find the bingo dauber easiest for Noah to use.  This is an important literacy activity because it involves distinguishing the letter “a” from other shapes and letters, a necessary skill in reading.

Find That a – Complete Set

Teaching Noah new things requires that we break things down into very specific baby steps.  So this is a series of worksheets with the first one being a page of nothing but “a”s.  The sample “a” is in a box in the center.  I point to it and verbally remind Noah that it is an “a” and we sign it.  Then I ask him, “Where’s another “a”?  He points to it, and I encourage him to go ahead and dot it.   As he dots it, we say the short a sound together.

This is a great way to get multiple pronunciations of a sound without having to fight for it, which is important in addressing the motor planning issues of apraxia.  I think it also helps that Noah was concentrating on dotting; it’s easier for him to make specific sounds when he is not feeling put on the spot and is actually focusing on something else.  Once the motor planning memory has been achieved, then it is easier for those sounds to be produced more intentionally.  Cool, eh?

Then we move up to having stars as distractors, and then we gradually add in “f”s as distractors.  I figure we probably won’t be working on f’s for a while, and they are as different looking from a as they can get.  This activity can take some practice and it’s a good review activity, so be sure to make copies.

Thanks to the folks over at Happy Phonics who introduced the concept used in these worksheets back when I was teaching Andres and Eden to read.


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