A Week of “a”‘s – Tuesday

Sneaking in a Little Speech

Tuesdays are very busy days for us betwen physical therapy for Noah, photography class for Trinity, and our weekly Costco trip.  Consequently, we keep school pretty simple on Tuesdays.   We did the letter “a”  in bingo dauber art today.  All the kiddos love dauber art, but with Noah I add in speech by having him say the letter sound each time he daubs.  There’s no way could I get that many repetitions by just asking him nicely.

Here are the links:


This site asks for people to link to their site, rather than their PDF, so when you get to the page, click on the alphabet and then scroll down until you see the dot art.  This is a great site with a TON of free printables.


Bingo daubers can be pricey at teacher supply and craft stores.  We buy ours at the dollar store when available.  Be warned, though; cheap yes, washable no.


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