Update on Andres

Andres is on day 3 of a headache.  He’s been up in the night once, and this is the first headache that I can remember that outlasts Motrin.  This is also the first that he has complained of neck pain.  Since yesterday he’s been holding his neck in a strange position, and tonight he is complaining of pain in the back of his head.  The lack of pain in the back of his head was the main reason other than the lack of neurological signs that the doctors in Houston felt his Chiari malformation wasn’t problematic and these were probably migraine in origin.  I’m not worried about meningitis because he only ran a fever for a few hours at the beginning of the headache.

Now, even though we’ve tried to be low key, it is possible Andres has heard us mention the fact that Chiari headaches occur in the back of the head, and I know he heard the doctors mention that.  It’s so hard to know in children what to take seriously.   What I do know is that he is in pain. He has the appointment with the ophthalmologist in a week or two and the neurologist in May.

Please say a prayer for Andres, and say one for all of us while you are at it.  Tornadoes are expected in our area tonight.  While I usually love living on top of a great big hill in the middle of the hill country even if it is in a converted mobile home, on nights like these I would gladly give it up for a bunker.




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