Saturday Solitude

I ran away from home yesterday . . .

Aww, don’t worry.  I do it every Saturday, and I’m always back by 4:00.

And in a better frame of mind.

Before I started blogging, I spent my Saturdays searching for STUFF at the thrift store, fabric store, teacher supply store, Goodwill, Costco and the local HEB.  I always seemed to come home with way more than I left with (I try to bring things to the thrift store every Saturday), and a guilty conscience for spending money on more stuff.

But then I learned how to make PECs, and THEN I started blogging.

And I realized if I spent my Saturdays at the library, I could have a good 3-4 hours of totally uninterrupted on-line time.  Delicious.

So, blogging is actually saving us a decent amount of money.

Except my lovely step-daughter told me about a Goodwill outlet store in Austin.  $1.39 a pound.  I think that takes having a stuff problem to a whole new level when you’re wanting to buy it by the pound.  And how is it I have lived in the Austin area for 14 years and never heard of the Goodwill outlet, and my step-daughter who has been here less than a year has already discovered it?

Oh, yeah, I don’t get out much.

Except on Saturdays.

The Goodwill outlet works like this:  They have aisles of shallow bins about 4 feet long.  There’s a section for clothing, a section for housewares/toys, a section for electronics and a section for books.  The problem is none of it is sorted by size or type.  So it’s just massive stuff.  As one aisle gets picked through and the bins start looking sparse, the workers rope off the aisle and take away the old bins and bring in new ones.  No one is allowed in the aisle as they change out the bins, and there’s a security guard there just in case.  When the new bins are all in place (and a line has formed at the “starting gate,” the security guard nods his head, and the race is on.  It’s like Black Friday over and over again.  Crazy.

Here’s what I scored.  (I stayed away from the aisles as they were getting reloaded, and I was happy to pick through the leftovers.)

I’m not going to admit how much I spent.

Okay, $53.00.  Too much – I think it’s only profitable to pay by the pound if you’re buying clothes.  And I just was not in the mood to dig through the mounds and mounds of clothes.  I did find some great items for the alphabet boxes I’m making for Noah.

But the real deals of the day came at our local thrift store.  I stopped by there, and my husband and son also happened to be there.  Andrew showed me two dressers he had seen and liked, so we bit the bullet and bought them.  They are huge, so once we got them home, our house turned into total chaos as we emptied the kids’ current dilapidated dressers to make way for our new beauties.  Seth’s crib seemed like a good place to dump the books that we had to take off of the bookshelf so we could move it.  Noah liked that idea, his idea of paradise.

It’s amazing how a couple new dressers can turn a house into mass organizational chaos, or was that due to all the other stuff I bought?

Look what else I found:

About 30 brand new Steck-Vaughn workbooks, all subjects, mostly first and second grade – look out Eden and Andres!!!!  Not that I needed that many, but I might be able to use them all. . . someday.  The lady behind the counter looked at me funny, and said disapprovingly, “You know these are gonna cost you a quarter a piece, right?”  I said, “Oh, that’s fiiiiiine.”  As she’s packing them up, she said, how much would you pay for these anyway?  When I told her $10-$20 each, she changed her tune quite a bit.

Another great find – “I Did It Chore Kits.”  I saw these last year at a homeschool convention but didn’t want to spend my curriculum budget on these at $25 a pop.  And the thrift store just so happened to have three of them.

And yes, I am losing the “stuff wars.”  Again.  Sigh.

But at least I have new-to-me dressers for the kids.


7 thoughts on “Saturday Solitude”

  1. Thank goodness I am not the only one who regularly haunts thrifts stores for stuff for my lil ones (5 and 2). I am jealous of you steck Vaughn find.

  2. As soon as this post dropped in my e-mailbox I was “on fire”… 😆 I’m not into these Saturday trips any longer 😦 but only because I no longer have a “little” reason to do so. But, girl, there have been many Saturdays when I went hunting for clothes, toys, educational books – and I loved them all!

    I love your posts. I think you have a great blog going on here – and so many lovely stories to share. That’s why I would love to nominate you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. If you like to participate, you will find more about this award on my blog shortly.

    Either way… Needed to stop by to tell you how much I appreciate your blog anyway 😉

    Keep up the good work. Blessings from Ireland!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words all the way from Ireland :). I just LOVE that. I’m a frequent visitor to your blog, so I’ll stop by!
      Blessings from Texas,

  3. You are so blessed – I never have good luck at thrift stores. Maybe it’s the location I’m in. But I definitely relate to your need for solitude. I had a kid-free weekend, plus today. Have gotten soooooo much done at home alone, and now I’m at the library. Then my son texted and asked if they could stay one more day at their dad’s, so more library time tomorrow – I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!!

    Isn’t it funny how a little alone time can put a smile on our faces, lol?!?

    1. It’s really amazing how much my frame of mind can change in just a few hours of being away. And I ALWAYS come home thankful for what I’m coming home to, ya know? The way I look at it, it’s a win, win situation. I hate that saying, “When Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy,” but it does seem to happen that way.


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