Learning Our ABC’s – Kinesthetic AND Orthographic Learning

I pulled out my copy of Little Hands to Heaven this morning and we got busy.  I’m slowly integrating letters and their sounds into Noah’s one-on-one time with me (well, sometimes Bella joins us), and this curriculum has got some ideas for teaching letters that are right up Noah’s alley.  For the letter A, they have a cute creation poem where every stanza starts with “A-a-Adam, can you believe . . .”  and then there’s also the bit about placing your hands on your cheeks as in surprise – a great visual and kinesthetic cue for the short a sound.

Another activity they had us do was to put painters tape on the floor in the shape of a lower-case A and walk around it toe to heel.  If you try this, make sure you have your child start at the same place on the “a” as you would start writing it, following the same directions he would if he were writing it.  This is a motor planning activity that is pre-wiring your child’s brain for writing.

I built onto this one by pulling out our alphabet bucket and having Noah place a-word objects on the letter “a” like this:

The plastic apples came from the thrift store – I knew I’d use them some day.   We also have alligators and an astronaut – a great opportunity to work on vocabulary and practice our sign for alligator (don’t even ask me what the sign for astronaut is).

I’m thinking I’ll just use PECs when we get to letters that I don’t have a lot of objects for.

If you’re hesitant about putting painters tape on your floor, invest in some poster board and just draw the letter you are working on.  Painters tape is advertised to remove cleanly for 14 days after application, so you should be okay.

We had a great time doing this this morning, and I’m already thinking of other things we could lay on our letter “a.”


3 thoughts on “Learning Our ABC’s – Kinesthetic AND Orthographic Learning”

    1. Thanks!!! I’m a little nervous about the masking tape on the floor, maybe painter’s tape would be better. But Noah and Bella loved this so much!!! I wonder if they’ll stay enthusiastic if we work our way through the alphabet this way.

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