Free Family Fun At the Track

A.k.a. A Great Place for Speech and Physical Therapy “Homework”

Andrew has been doing lots lately to get us out of the house to enjoy the family the Lord has been so generous to give us.  Last night we found ourselves at the junior high school track – what a blast!  It’s really the perfect setup – sand to play in, bleachers to climb, curbs to balance on, ramps to run up and down on.  The circular track meant Andrew, Trinity and I could get some exercise while the kids played in full view of us.

After I had my fill of walking the track and running up and down the bleachers (trust me, it doesn’t take much), I turned my attention to Noah.

We practiced those hippotherapy prepositions we’ve been working on by climbing “under”, “through,” and being lifter “over” the hurdles.  We also introduced “zig-zag” as we zig-zagged from hurdle to hurdle.  We worked on vocabulary like “up” and “down” and “”fast” and “slow” on the track, and “on” and “under” the bleachers.  We found circular ramps with curbs to navigate balance beam style and practice signs for “up” and “jump.”

I also noticed Noah has made huge progress in his gross motor skills in the past month.  He was able to run quite a bit tonight keeping a beautiful stride.  The pure joy on his face as he sprinted around the track reminded me how blessed we are to be on this journey with him.  It also reminded me that the therapies we take him for are not just so we can check off another box on his milestones, we are equipping him to live life to the fullest.  The stronger he gets in mind and body, the more things he will be able to find enjoyment from.

You know, sometimes the floors needing to be washed, the laundry needing to be folded and the papers needing to be graded can smother the joy in the journey.  Sometimes getting out and about with all these treasures of mine helps me see things more clearly and puts my perspective back in order.  And, ya know, it’s pretty cool having a husband who would rather be running around on a football field with his wife and kids than watching a game (or anything else) on TV.


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