Find and Seek PEC Board – School Bus

I happened to pick up a copy of School Bus by Donald Crews at the thrift store.  Talk about a treasure!!!!  There are so many activities I can use this book to springboard from, activities involving colors, shapes, sizes, etc.  It is a perfect book for my first Find and Seek board (directions here).

I typically shy away from creating printables for specific story books, because not many of us have the time or the funds to purchase every book we find an activity for.  Plus, if you’re like me, by the time the book arrived in the mail from Amazon, you’d probably have lost all the materials you had prepared for it.  Many of the PECs for School Bus are common items that you will find in a variety of children’s books.  So if you can’t get your hands on a copy of School Bus, look through another school bus book, or any children’s book for that matter, and only use the PECs you find matches for.

Here is the Find and Seek PEC Board for School Bus by Donald Crews.

I couldn’t get the colors right for a few of the PECs, so after you print them off, color the orange truck, brown car and orange garbage truck in with marker.

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