Stop!  Hold everything.

I’ve been brainstorming about bus printables and activities that would work with most books about school busses rather than just one, so yesterday Noah and I read Hello, School Bus by Marjorie Blain Parker.  One thing that  books about school busses have a lot of is pictures of stop signs.  So, seeing how STOP is Noah’s favorite sign, I pointed out the stop signs on numerous pages and signed stop.  Today I read the book again to him, and when we got to the picture of the stop sign, I pointed to it and Noah signed stop without any additional cueing.  The same thing on the following pages.  And the enthusiasm behind his signs I cannot even begin to describe.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing him excited about language!

I never know what’s going to be hard to teach Noah and what’s going to be easy.  It never works out like I expect it too, but I am sooooooo encouraged when I can teach him something new one day and he demonstrates mastery the next. ASL for “stop” – the motion is like a chop. 

2 thoughts on “Stop!”

    1. Loook for “School Bus” by Donald Crews, too. I’ll have a seek and find activity for that this week (hopefully) as well. That’s funny that’s one of Adeline’s favorite words too. And I’ll bet she says it with gusto!


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