A Trip to the Zoo – Build-As-You-Go PEC Story Board

Our first attempt at a Build-As-You-Go Story Board was a roaring success.  Make sure to click the link for a full set of directions.  We chose to document our zoo trip this way, so the first thing I did was I used Pictoselector to create a A Trip to the Zoo  9-page mini book.

Next I gathered a blank PEC board and the  Zoo Animal PECs that correspond with the pages of the book, the zoo, peacock, monkey, tiger, snake, and turtle.

I laid out the PECs in front of Noah where he could pick and choose as we progressed through the book.  I mixed up the order and wasn’t sure if that would make it too difficult for him, but he breezed through it like a pro.

Bella was begging to do this when Noah was done, so I let her have a turn too.  When she got to the end, she was able to tell the story right back to me using the PECs.  It was definitely a classical homeschooling moment – narration at the age of 3.  Gotta love it!


2 thoughts on “A Trip to the Zoo – Build-As-You-Go PEC Story Board”

  1. Love the book! We must try this soon. Thank you for providing the download. When I get it finished I will feature it and add a link to you. I am still working on those cards, oh so much to do!

    1. I know, I know. I have WAY more ideas than I have time to do them, much less time to blog them. I love the idea of bloggers building on to each other’s ideas, because it maximizes creativity and the potential of ideas without exhausting any one person. Love working with you!!! And, by the way, that site you mentioned, http://www.tarheel.com is AWESOME!!!!

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