Noah’s Courage – He Said “Shampoo”

I came home tonight to the report that Noah wanted the shampoo in the bath, so without hesitating, he opened up his mouth and said “shampoo.”


Yes, “shampoo.”  Pretty clearly too, the way it was told to me by Andrew.  And it was definately one of those utterances that he wasn’t even thinking about.  He just opened his mouth and out it flew.  We’ve been working on “bib,” we’ve been working on “ball”, we’ve been working on “pop.”  And he says “shampoo” like it’s nothing.

Apraxia – not motor or muscle weakness, just a disconnect between the brain and the mouth.  He is physically totally capable of making words.  It’s not poor muscle tone, not lack of coordination even.  It’s nutty, I tell you.  I asked him to say shampoo for me, and he said “poo.”  That’s great, yes sir, it is.  But Andrew says it’s nothing close to what he did in the bath.

Guys, we’re going to beat this apraxia thing, we really are.  But for now I’m going to do the happy dance.  My boy said “shampoo.”


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