Best Purchase of the Weekend

Well, not including the hotel room of course.

I made it through my very first convention without purchasing a single thing other than food.  (Not my first convention, just my first convention without purchasing anything.)  It’s not that they didn’t have anything good, it’s just the homeschooler in me knows I can replicate most of the materials I saw for next to nothing (except time) sigh.  Now, the theory and the program behind the materials is another story, and no doubt about it, that’s where the real value comes in.  That’s the stuff in the manuals.  That’s the stuff they won’t sell me separately.

It just wouldn’t have been a complete weekend without doing SOME shopping, so I stopped off at Wal-Mart and Michael’s on the way home.  Guess what I found at Wal-Mart.


Uh huh.  “Glow in the dark” balloons.  Actually, there’s a mini LED light in each balloon (5 to a pack for about $4.00).  It stays lit for 15 hours.  Here’s a picture of one of the balloons floating  in a pitch black room (no flash).

  I brought the Littles into the closet and we practiced saying “up” as we bumped the balloon.  We also practiced “pop, pop, pop.”  Way cool, eh?


2 thoughts on “Best Purchase of the Weekend”

  1. Hmm. Colors, numbers, vocabulary like pop and up. Little and big (little before you blow it up, big after, or you could have little and big balloons). What else? Any ideas?

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