Wait Just a Minute . . .

You’re Not My Daddy.

We’ve been attending a new church for the past month or so.  We take up just over one row, so this morning Andrew was sitting in front of us on one end of the row, and there was another man sitting on the end of the row that was in front of me.  While we worshiped in song, Bella was hanging all over me, and at one point, she decided she was going to go sit with Daddy.  Somewhere between me and him, she forgot where she was going and she went to cling on the nearest leg, which she was assuming was Andrew’s.  Well, it wasn’t.  It was a man we’ve never met before – the man sitting in front of me.  There she was with one arm around his leg, just as content as could be.  I patted her head, and pointed over to Andrew to try to jolt her into realizing she got the wrong guy, but I wasn’t getting through.  She didn’t see the man and me make eye contact nor see when he mouthed, “It’s okay.”  His posture was very fatherly and strangely familiar with her, stroking her hair and putting his arm around her as she hugged his leg.  Honestly, it was awkward for me to watch.  I was uncomfortable with a stranger being so close and affectionate with Bella, but Andrew realized what was going on too, and we didn’t step in.  After a song or two, it seemed like forever, she finally looked over at Andrew and then back up at this man and shyly inched over to Andrew.  We all busted up laughing (except her).

After the service, I introduced myself, and Mark shared with me that he and his wife are childless.  That morning as he was preparing for church, he was at the window and saw his neighbor’s child welcoming home her father with great joy.  He found himself wondering what that would feel like, the affection of a child of his own.

With tears in his eyes, he told me that now he knew, and he was filled with joy that his Heavenly Father is a God who is so personal and cares about him so specifically as to give him the answer to such a heart-wrenching question.

My greatest prayer for my children is that God would use them to bring glory to Himself.  I am encouraged this day that God is answering that prayer in the lives of my children.

Thank you, God, for reminding me that the work I do each day is far more important than just keeping children dry, fed and educated.

Thank you, God, for reminding me that my ministry and my children’s ministry doesn’t begin when they are grown, it is now.

Thank you, God, for being a God who cares about us personally, not just collectively.



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