Air Flow and Lip Rounding – What’s Up With That?

Let me just say my 17-year-old thinks my post titles are way corny.  Of course, I am the main person in my family who gets accused of cracking themselves up (although I must say I am not alone in this).  Okay, onward ho . . .

Our latest dollar store treasure  is a pack of genuine thingy mabobbers.


(If anyone knows the real name of these, please let me know.)

Remember these?  You stick the little ball into the center of the basket, blow on the mouthpiece, and your breath makes the ball shoot up into the air.  If you keep your airflow just right, the ball stays suspended in the air within the basket.  Blow too hard and it pops right out.  Blow too softly, and the ball falls back to the bottom of the basket.  I just bought these yesterday, and all my children, including Noah LOVE them.

Noah’s attempts mostly result in the ball flying out of the basket and onto the floor, but that is A-OK.  It means he is rounding his lips and producing strong air flow.  What’s so great about that?  Well, lip rounding and lip compression are necessary for producing sounds like /p/, /b/, /m/, and /w/.

Oral air flow involves core muscles and progress is perpetual; the more your child is doing it, the stronger it becomes.   The air pressures and air flows we generate during speech are critical to voice production. Therefore, our breathing is important for producing voice.

I will admit I’m a shopper, and I’d be willing to pay big bucks for something that does such a great job of addressing the area we’re working on with Noah.  Kinda nice to find something like this for four for a dollar.






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