Breaking Down Chores with PEC Boards

Ever have one of those children who no matter how many times you show them the correct way to do something, each time they do it, they act like it’s the first time ever?  I’m that way.  I can drive one of the children’s friends home several times, listening to their directions as I drive.  But if you want me to get there without any help, even after I’ve been there two or three times, forget it.  Give me written directions (not a map), and I’ll be able to get there every time.  Same thing with the computer.  I can figure a lot out, but if I don’t write out the steps I’ve taken, tomorrow when I want to do the same exact thing, it will be like starting from scratch.  I’ll have no idea how to get to point C from point A.

Using that principle, I’ve come up with a Sweeping Dining Room Floor – PECs Board for the Middles, since that seems to be the job that never seems to get done properly around here.  Since most of us have dining tables and floors underneath them, I thought this would be a good board to share.

Your Turn:

Anyone else struggling out there with children’s chores?  In your house, what works, what doesn’t?  Have you found chore charts to be helpful or has something else worked better? 

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