Pop Rocks II – The Recipe

I happened to get curious after I published my earlier post on Pop Rocks, and I happened upon a recipe for organic Pop Rocks (that would be minus the artificial coloring).  Pretty cool stuff.  And I also forgot to mention a couple other ideas for those little edible firecrackers.  (Okay, please don’t use that term with your children – it could get be very dangerous if they get the wrong idea.)

Pop Rock covered lollipops:  They actually sell this, but it’s probably easier and cheaper to use a small lollipop (Dum Dums work great), dip it in water, dip it in Pop Rocks, and insert into child’s mouth.  Move it around slowly  so your child has time to increase his awareness of what is happening where in his mouth.  Take it out of their mouth and have them stick out their tongue to lick the lollipop while you hold it (the lollipop, that is).

Pop Rocks in water:  If you are hesitant this might be a bit too much for your child, this is a great way to introduce them to Pop Rocks.  Spread out a teaspoon of Pop Rocks in the bottom of a small clear bowl or a plate (it is important your child is able to visualize as much of this activity as possible).  Sprinkle water over the top of the Pop Rocks, just enough to cover the bottom of the bowl or plate.  The sound effects will be dramatic, and you can even see some of the Pop Rocks “explode.”  Vocalize “pop, pop, pop,” clearly enunciating the “p” sound.  Noah loved this and was pop, pop, popping with very little prompting.

Rock on, Noah, rock on.


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