All Kinds of Beautiful

I stopped by Costco after church today with Noah and Andres.  There was a couple loading their son into his wheelchair, and I felt that kinship I always do with other parents of children with special needs, the kind of kinship that makes me want to go up to them and tell them, “Man, your child is ever so beautiful.”  I find myself more comfortable with doing this to parents who have a child with Down syndrome.  I wonder if a parent of a child in a wheelchair thinks to themselves that I have no idea what it is “really” like, that there are many conditions much more traumatic and life altering than Down syndrome.  But I do know this:  As I watched the father toss down his cigarette to maneuver the wheelchair as the young man in the chair sat with his neck rigid, eyes rolling back,

“We may only see it in fleeting glimpses, God sees it perfectly, but there are all kinds of beautiful.”


4 thoughts on “All Kinds of Beautiful”

  1. Okay, I totally get this. I catch random glimpses of beauty in people with disabilities. But I also know that constant hard work, lack of resources, limited freedom, exhaustion and the dysfunction that occurs in a family trying to care for a disabled person can easily drown out those moments of beauty. (There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t say to God, “today would be a good day for Jesus to come and get us, Father.”)

    Thanks for the reminder that God sees us differently and loves us through the difficult times 🙂

    1. You sound a lot like me. Many times in the past few years I have seen the wisdom in God giving me more grief and disappointment than I think I can handle because it makes me long for my heavenly home. I’m cheap – if things were much better in this life, I think I might not be hungry for heaven, I would settle for what this world and all its attractions offer. Something I’m not proud of, but it’s true. In many ways, it is still not okay with me that Noah has Down syndrome. But I know that all things will be better than okay with me in my Father’s mansion.

      Blessings Sister,

      1. We definitely have a few things in common. I always thought that “considering it pure joy to face trials” was insane. But I’ve found that trials, like nothing else, draw me closer to God. My goal is to stay desperate for Him, because if I’m not, He’s likely to put me in a desperate situation to win me back, lol!!

        Blessings to you as well,

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