Noah’s Courage – Moving Beyond Requests

When children first learn to speak, the first words they usually say after mama and dada are requests.  Moving beyond requesting, it’s a whole new level when they start commenting.  Noah has arrived!!!!  This week when we read books, he interrupted my reading with his gestures and vocalizations and then pointed out details in the storybook pictures and spoke at times.  With his animal books, he drew my attention to the animals and then signed them and made the appropriate noise.  We’ll soon be looking at how to expand this new ability of his.  It’s encouraging to watch him climb the concept charts, and I find myself constantly amazed that he is able to put one foot in front of the other and learn all of these skills I have always taken for granted my children would learn.  It’s funny how something that makes me feel so helpless is also so exhilarating.


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