Best Job in the World – Day 6 and 7 and Wrapup

More progress to report.  The maternity clothes and home birth supplies that have been boxed and stashed unused in my room for two years have been taken to storage and trashed respectively.  The bed is made, the bathroom is clean, and clothes are set aside for mending.  More trash added to the trash bin, more odds and ends headed for the thrift store.  Eden and Bella took it upon themselves to clean the living room from top to bottom, aprons and hair scarves and all.  They looked so cute scrubbing the floors on their hands and knees – Cinderella-ish, but cute.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past week while Andrew has been away is how my children become team players at the most unexpected times.  We have such a problem with bickering between them, yet when Leah spilled her water this week, they all pitched in to clean it up.  Eden discovered a mess of caramel syrup all over our pantry floor this morning and took it upon herself to clean it up – and she did a good and more importantly a cheerful job.  In the process of assisting her, I knocked over the container of cat food and it spilled all over the floor.  That almost become my first meltdown of the week, but Andres interrupted that by volunteering to clean it up.  These are the same children who distress me greatly by making such unhappy faces when I remind them of their chores or to clean their rooms.  So I am thankful today that they know how to work hard and cheerfully and enjoy being part of a team even if it doesn’t look that way all of the time.

Much was accomplished this week, and I feel more capable of handling what’s left over because I know we’ve lost some bulk around here.  I’m also realizing that things are what they are.  My house is not going to win any prizes for tidiness.  There’s always going to be another project that needs to be done.  And my children are not going to be appearing in Michael and Debbi Pearl’s No Greater Joy  hall of fame any time soon.  But every day we’re loving God and loving each other, we’re living a part of God’s plan for our lives.  We’re thankful for God’s consistent provision and grace.  All in all, a good week.

Blessings to you,



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