The Best Job In the World – Update Days 3 and 4

These past couple days have been busy, and I’m still making progress.  Not the shocking pull out all the stops kind of progress, but progress just the same.  Another 13-gallon bag of trash – gone.  A small box (very small) is loaded in the car to be taken to the thrift store.  The cabinets above the washing machine and dryer are now organized and labeled as is the cabinet above the toilet and the medicine cabinet above the sink in the guest bathroom.  Things were a little stressful with the kids today.  It was AWANA night, which meant getting home late, and boy were my Littles cranky, not to mention my youngest Middle (I won’t mention any names).  The rushing around we seem to always do before AWANAs was the flash point of the day, but I kept the lion down to a dull roar.  Why is it Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings are always so STRESSFUL?


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