Noah’s Courage – Moving Right Along

Noah seems to be doing something new at hippotherapy every week.  Yesterday it was balancing on all fours on horseback.  Yeah, I’m serious.  Now, the horse was standing still at the time; but still, you’re not ever going to find this cowgirl riding backwards or sideways and certainly not on all fours on a horse like Noah can.   Funny how we think of children with special needs having limited opportunities.  This little guy is having WAAAYYY more fun than any of us!

Noah’s speech therapist has been on leave for about two months, but I hear she’s coming back in a couple of weeks.  We miss her SOOOOOO much!!!!  The awesome therapist that’s been working with him in the meantime has been holding his sessions in the gym along with a child who is receiving physical therapy.  The two of them have been having a blast integrating gross motor, communication and social skills.  I’ve noticed Noah has changed the sign he was using for all done to one the therapist uses (just a slight difference).  I’m impressed that he has taken what he is learning at therapy and is applying it on his own at home.  I think if I’m not careful, he will be correcting my sign language every time I turn around.   He is still getting his colors jumbled when he is expected to use them in new situations, but he is identifying his M&Ms by color now.  He used to only request blue, but he has changed to only requesting yellow.  That fickle boy of mine.  🙂





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