The Best Job in the World – Update Day 2


Bagged another two bags worth of children’s hangers to take to the thrift store today.  I also completely cleared the bar above the washing machine/drier and moved all those clothes into the “community closet.”  That dashing husband of mine has mentioned on occasion he thought that would be a grand idea.


My children blessed me tonight more than they could know.  I was feeling a little down because I’m not making as much progress as I’d like cleaning up the house.  Now that my attention is turned to organizing and getting rid of stuff, I have less time to do the routine 24/7 picking up that usually fills my day.  So things are looking a little more cluttered than usual.  Also, my chore charts for the children are not working out very well.  They don’t seem to care whether or not they get the rewards built into the system until the end of the day.  Then they rush around to do extra chores to earn rewards, which is good, but it’s still not working as I had hoped.  So, I was a bit downcast sitting down to dinner.  Leah, my usually emotionally volitile 10-year-old spilled her water.  Eden rushed to make a dam with her hands to keep the water from reaching the edge of the table.  Andres immediately ran to the drawer we keep our rags in and Leah quickly attempted damage control while also gathering rags.  No outbursts, no blaming anybody, and no stressed out mommy rolling her eyes.  It got me remembering why this is the best job in the world and how wonderful my co-workers are.  It got me remembering that more is caught than taught.  It got me remembering that there are things more important than chores.  It also reminded me of that saying, “You get what you give.”  Unfortunately I have found too often that that is not always the case with relationships, but I think it’s more consistent with children.  When children receive grace, they are more likely to give grace.  When they receive encouragement, they are more likely to give encouragement.   When they have had someone come along side them to help them carry the load, they are more likely to come along side someone to help them carry the load.

Jesus has done all those things for me and you.  It’s only right to pay it forward.




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