Grocery Shopping – Lists for Grains, Dairy and Protein

What was I thinking, releasing just one food group at a time?  Way too much work to collect these one set at a time.  So, here’s the original post that contains the directions for building a PEC-based grocery list and fruit and veggie group PECs:

And now here is the complete set of Grocery List PECS plus more “in” and “cart” PEC boards:

Grocery List – Fruits and Vegetables (This set was released in the original Grocery Shopping post.)

Grocery List – Grains

Grocery List – Dairy

Grocery List – Protein

Fully editable files at are available to subscribers.  A free 24-hour preview will grant you those privileges as well.

These cards would also be great to use to create your own food group categorizing game.  One thing to note is that beans and peas officially find themselves in both the protein and the vegetable food group.  In this set you will find them in the Grocery List – Protein.

Pay it Forward

Have you found a creative way to use these cards?  Any fun games?  Care to share?


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