Your Speech Therapist’s Best Kept Secret – State Conventions

I LOVE conventions.  Every year you will find me at at least two or three of the larger Texas homeschool conventions, Arlington, Austin and San Antonio.  I always come away educated, energized and inspired.  Someday I’ll make it to Houston, someday.

Last year my husband and I were blessed beyond measure to attend the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention in San Antonio.  To be surrounded by so many beautiful families of people with Down syndrome was so encouraging.  I was amazed at the joy and love absolutely emanating from the attendees – all of them.  It had to have been the happiest place on earth.  I’m telling you, there were clowns there for entertainment, and the clowns were out of place – not happy enough.  The only downfall was that it cost around $300 for both my husband and myself to attend – and that was without a hotel bill.

I happened to mention to Noah’s speech therapist how much I loved conventions and asked her to let me know if she knew of any coming up that might be relevant, and she told me about the convention coming up for the Texas Speech-Lanugage  and Hearing Association.  She says they usually hold their conventions in either San Antonio or Austin (I live right between the two).  This year it is in San Antonio.    Wanna come?

What if I tell you they offer a big HUGE discount for parents?  The cost of this convention for professionals is $180 – $305.  For parents – $45.  Yup, $45.  I cannot even begin to thank TSHA for making this affordable for us.

“A convention – what’s the big deal?” you may ask.  How about the opportunity to sit in a small room and listen to nationally recognized professionals teach your child’s speech therapists according to the latest research and medically based practices.  How about the opportunity to listen to the very latest in techniques and ideas floating around the speech and language therapy circles?  This is the convention your child’s speech therapist will be going to.   This is where they go to get their continuing education credits.  Just a sample of some of the workshops being offered:

“The Motivational Breakthrough” by Rick Lavoie

“Speech Sound Disorders” by Wayne Secord

“101 Ways to Help Children Communicate and Learn”

“It’s so Much Work to Be Your Friend:  Helping the Child with Learning Disabilities Find Social Success”

“AAC Intervention for Children with ASD”

“Taking Speech Out of the Closet”

“Childhood Apraxia of Speech – Characteristics and Treatment Strategies Over Time”

“An Interactive Crash Course on Everyday Strategies for Addressing Challenging Behavior”

If you’re not hanging on the edge of your seats by now, you should be.   Visit

And if you’re not in Texas and don’t plan on visiting our lovely state, check with your state’s speech and language therapy association to see if you would be allowed to attend their convention.

What about you?

What conferences will you be heading to this year?  Your favorite source to get the inside scoop?


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