Total Communication?

Total Communication (TC) is defined as a philosophy of teaching communication that incorporates all means of communication; formal signs,  natural gestures, fingerspelling, body language, listening, lipreading and  speech.

Love the concept, but wait a minute, we’re missing something.  “Total Communication” in our house incorporates more than that.  PECs are an integral part of our communication system; PECs are part of what makes our communication complete and functional.  PECs fill in the gaps and provide baby steps and extra reinforcement as we learn new signs and words.

It’s really starting to bug me when I see the phrase “total communication” because it sure isn’t total to me if it’s leaving out PECs.   It’s not a matter of sign language OR PECs’; it’s a matter of sign language AND PECs.  I encourage you if you are using sign language at your house to bring in the extra support of PECs.  I will be releasing sign language flash cards/prompts to go with many of the PEC card words you will find on this site and vice versa.    Let’s try to make our total communication really TOTAL communication.


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