MRI Report

Sure am glad I went and got that report from the pediatrician’s office.

“There is a Chiari I malformation, with the cerebellar tonsils extending 18 mm below the level of the foramen magnum.  The spinal fluid spaces anterior and posterior to the neural structures at the foramen magnum, C1, and C2 appear crowded.”

So much for the hope that this was just “a little” Chiari.  Gosh, for such a beautiful sounding word, it’s really a very ugly condition.  Anyway, when the cerebellar tonsils extend 2 mm, that’s when they start calling it a Chiari.  18 mm, when you’re talking about the brain, is a pretty big number.

Andres is doing great.  From my research I have learned a lot of Chiari sufferers are in constant pain.  I asked Andres if his head always hurts or just sometimes, and he said his head hurts every day but it comes and goes, so sometimes he is pain free.  That is good news for my Mommy heart.  He has gone to lie down a few times, but no need for Motrin.  Yay.  And then he is back up within a few minutes.  Double yay.  Chiari headaches are notorious for coming and going quickly when they are not constant.  But I must say that in the past when Andres has had his middle of the night headaches, they do not relent until his Motrin kicks in.

Please keep him in your prayers.  And would you keep me in your prayers too?  I was watching a video of all of us taken last year, and I am amazed at how fun and full of laughter I was.  I do not think I am much fun and full of laughter these days, but that is certainly how I want to be – for my children, for my husband, for . . . myself.


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