Grocery Shopping – What’s All the Fuss?

Since us moms are usually the ones who do all the shopping, it’s easy to think of it as something we just necessarily drag the kiddos along to.  So why am I giving it so much attention lately?

Wow – I just had a flashback that made me kind of smile.  I remember watching my mom, Mrs. Organization herself, sitting down at the kitchen table and writing her grocery list out.  She wrote her list according to the order of the aisles.  Wait just a minute!!!!!!  You mean that brilliant idea I had in designing an orderly shopping list in wasn’t my own??????  It’s so easy to forget where I’ve learned just about everything I know about running a household.  Thanks mom, you taught us some really good stuff that makes life a whole lot easier today.

Another great memory – Mom taking the shopping list, snipping it in half, and sending us kids to go find the items.  That was WAYYYY fun!!!!

Okay, back to my point.  One of the things that moms of children with special needs think a lot about is life skills.  Grocery shopping is one of those skills.  We all need to learn to be able to make a list, find what we need, check prices, stay within a budget, eat nutritiously, decipher food groups, follow a plan, and maneuver around a grocery store.  I’m hoping we can address all these issues visually and have a whole lot of fun while we’re at it.

Glad to be a part of it all today.




4 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping – What’s All the Fuss?”

  1. (Taking a bow.)

    Do you remember that you were the b-e-s-t salad maker…and you loved cucumbers?
    Do you remember that you had to check all the eggs in the carton to make sure they weren’t cracked?


    1. Yes, and yes. Even now when I make salad, I remember what you always used to say about me being the best salad maker – not quite sure how you were ranking. Oh, and the eggs, yes, I remember the eggs!

    1. Nice to have the importance of these things affirmed. It can seem like a lot of work when they are young, but such a good payoff further down the road.


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