Going a Little Loopy – ASL Flash Cards and PECs for Fruit

I’ve been hard at work finding all the American Sign Language to go with our free Grocery Store Boards Along with Fruit and Vegetable PECs.  Here are some free ASL and PECs Fruit flashcards to get you started.   A fully editable version is avalable to www.mrsriley.com members at http://mrsriley.com/app/#fileID=47198.   In this collection you will find cards for grapes, pear, banana, orange, peach, apple and pineapple.  As always, after you print off your flashcards, head on over to www.lifeprint.com to view their video dictionary as tutorial of the correct way to sign each word.  Then use your flashcards as reminders of what you have already learned.

By the way, no, it wouldn’t be crazy to take your little one to the grocery store with no other agenda than to practice using the Grocery Store Boards and PECs.  You’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish if you can totally focus on it being a communication and vocabulary-building experience and not a shopping experience.  (Of course, if anything does wind up in the cart, you better go ahead and buy it or you might frustrate your little one in the process.)  Once your child has been introduced to the system, it will be much easier to practice and refine during a real-life shopping trip.

Best wishes for happy shopping!!!


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