Much-Loved Blogs

While I’m on a roll sharing websites, I wanted to share a few of my all-time favorite blogs. is my most-often visited blog for sure.  Tammy shares lots of pictures of her Brave Hero along with a lot of honesty, some homeschooling and a whole lot of creativity.  Parker is medically fragile, and I feel honored to be able to pray for him during his ups and downs which she shares. is another frequently visited blog.  Lorraine is a very gracious mom to a whole bunch of kiddos, some adopted, some not.  Their most recent adventure has taken them to the Ukraine where they are in the process of adopting not one but two precious boys with Down syndrome.  It looks like these boys will be home by the end of February, Praise God!!!!! is a recent addition to my net favorites.  It’s way more than one family’s blog – it’s an entire on-line community of families with a child with Down syndrome.  There are birth announcements of the newest members of our “club” and a whole lot of good info.

That’s it for now.  Enjoy.


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