A Dinosaur, a Truck and a Barn

After much searching and trial and error, I have managed to put together a sheet combining ASL and PECs for the words dinosaur, barn and truck.  Random?  Not as random as it seems.  These are all words, believe it or not, Noah encounters during his hippotherapy sessions.  (They hang play dinosaurs from the trees on the trail).

Funny story – During session 2, Noah’s physical therapist was telling me that they had all kinds of animals on the trail.  I was imagining a little petting zoo or something back there, so I innocently asked her, “Oh, what kind of animals?”  She said something like, “Oh there are some sheep and some pigs.”

“Oh, cool” was my reply.

And then she went on, “There are some monkeys . . .”  So, I’m looking at her like she has lost her mind, and she’s looking at me like, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Me:  “Monkeys, really?”

Her (a little hesitantly):  “Oh, yeah, and there are some dinosaurs.”

About that time her intern, realizing what was happening, piped up “Oh, they’re not real.”

So that’s how I came to find out about “the animals on the trail.”

Anyway, back to the words.  If you’re up to getting down on the floor with your little one, these are great words to practice signing while you play with toy versions of these items.  Who wouldn’t have fun with ASL and PECs – Dinosaur, Barn and Truck.



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