Heard Around the Hen House – 01-31-2012

Andres (age 8):  “Now, that wasn’t a bit like getting shot out of a canon.”

The children have been having a ball the last few days prepping Andres for his MRI which was scheduled for today.  Didn’t know how seriously he was taking it all until he came out of it.  For a little boy who gets terrible headaches from even the briefest exposure to loud noise, he was amazing.  He kept headphones on while in the MRI and listened to music, he didn’t move a bit, the tech was able to get all the views she needed on the first try.   To top it off, Andres didn’t even get a headache.   Let me tell you, those things are LOUD!!!!  The tech gave me earplugs because I stayed in the room with Andres, but I wasn’t even in the machine and it was loud.

I’m not much for drama – I’ve spent my lifetime allotment of drama emotion in the past few years.  Plus I can’t even begin to comprehend what it would mean if something odd turns up on the MRI.  Andres has been having headaches, sometimes very severe, and they are increasing in quantity.  He also has recently started having nosebleeds for no apparent reason.  The doctor doesn’t think they are related, and he suspects complex migraines, but we all wanted to rule out anything more serious and make sure we have a handle on what the real problem is.  So, no worries, and I’ll update as soon as I have word.  We appreciate your prayers.



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