He Asked Me for the Moon

So the other night, Noah and I were walking to the house from the car.  I took the opportunity to talk with Noah about the moon and the stars.  That little boy pointed up at the moon and said, “moo” and signed stars.  He knew what I was talking about, and he said it in his own words!!!!!

So one more word to add to Noah’s Speaking Words.  This is the list of words he has made a verbal approximation of.  I create a PEC to go with each word and then we drill them each day as part of his articulation therapy.  We have lots of PECs to add to the stack this week.

Picto Noah’s Speaking Words 01-29-2011

You’ll notice these words are not categorized.  That’s because I’m adding words to the collection as Noah says them naturally in the course of our everyday life.  There will be plenty of time for categorizing; right now I’m just letting Noah take the lead.  For all the time it takes to make these lists and these cards, it is my desire to make them available for the next mom in my shoes.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Ta ta for now – ahhhhhh – now that would be a good new word for Noah!!!  Oh Noah????  Noah?????  Oh . . . better run.




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