PCS (PECs) Chore Charts For the Littles (Preschoolers)

Around here we call our middle children (Leah 10, Andres 8, Eden 6) the Middles, and the three youngest (Noah 5, Bella 3, Seth 2) the Littles.  Of course, that would leave my firstborn in a class all by herself, but we won’t go there, because I promised not to blog about her.

A chore chart overhaul is long overdue, and I’ve spent the last few days working up some pretty impressive PCS (PEC) chore charts.  We’re leaving Seth out of this, AGAIN.  But here’s a peek at Noah’s and Bella’s charts along with their PCS “yes” cards to match to their “yes” cards on their chart when they have finished a chore.  You’ll notice these two are very simple.  Noah’s is translated to “Bring three bibs to the table at breakfast, lunch and dinner.”  Bella’s is translated to “After breakfast, lunch and dinner bring 3 bibs to the kitchen (from the table).”

Noah’s Chore Chart

Bella’s Chore Chart

Yes cards


1.  Laminate all three pages.

2. Place  a rough-sided velcro dot in the middle of each “yes” card (front) on the charts.

3.  Cut out the “yes” cards on the Yes Cards Page and put a smooth-sided velcro dot on the back of each of the cut out “yes” cards.

4.  Place velcro strip or dot horizontally in the blank space at the bottom of the charts.  Affix free “yes” cards here.

To Use:

Take your child to the chart at appropriate times.  Point, speak and sign each card in the row.  Have child perform task.  Return to board and match “yes” card to “yes” card on chart.

You will probably want to make your own charts tailored to your family’s needs, but hopefully this sample will help get you started.  www.mrsriley.com has all you need to format and customize you family’s charts.

Obviously, we don’t need a chart for such simple tasks, but in raising seven children, I’m learning that following a chore chart is MUCH better received at age 2-3 than it is at 9 or 10.  Best to introduce it early and make it a habit the children look forward to.  Not to mention, it’s best for me to get used to having them follow it with novelty chores than to wait until they are assigned chores that the household can’t do without.

Any ideas for more chores that small children can be assigned?  Noah and Bella love being helpful, so I’d love to have some real work for them to do.  Unfortunately I think I wind up assigning everything to the older children just because I know they will do it and do it right; in other words, I’m lazy.  Anybody else struggle with that?

Next post I’ll have the Middles’ chore charts for you to take a look at, along with a little commentary about what Scripture has to say about chores.  Here’s a look at those:  https://wordsofhisheart.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/pcs-pecs-chore-charts-the-middles-are-going-visual/.  This is only day one on the new system, but everyone is excited about the change, and so far, so good.


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