Speaking Words In Pictures

In honor of Noah’s new word, “baby”, I’ve got two pages of picture cards (PECs) for you.   These are mostly P and B one-syllable words, the first words that Noah has been able to articulate.  Hope you guys who are still working on first words find these helpful.  Here is the printable PDF:    Speaking Words 01-19-2012.  This was made over at www.mrsriley.com, so it is fully editable there at http://mrsriley.com/app/#fileID=46435.   We use ’em like flash cards, print off two copies and use them as Memory cards and matching cards, and we also use them to build vocabulary.  I’ll be adding to the How To pages in the next few days in case these suggestions need a little explanation.  Don’t want to leave anyone in the dark, ya know.

How about you?  How do you use your PECs?  We need some new ideas to keep things lively at our house.  Inhaling macaroni and cheese https://wordsofhisheart.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/heard-around-the-hen-house/ just isn’t cutting it.

Here’s to Noah – and all the other little ones out there who are destined to speak their heart – and to their mothers who can’t wait to hear it!




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